Living Untethered

Beyond the Human Predicament
by Michael Singer | New Harbinger Publications © 2022 · 216 pages

This is our second note on one of Michael Singer's books. Michael Singer is one of my new favorite teachers and, after reading this book, I immediately picked up the first two books he wrote—nearly FIFTY years before he wrote this one. In this book, Singer shares a ton of big ideas that will help us truly surrender to what is, get perspective on our lives, and practice embracing the present moment so that we can get our own lives in harmony with reality. Let's go!

One of the most amazing things you will ever realize is that the moment in front of you is not bothering you—you are bothering yourself about the moment in front of you. It’s not personal. You are making it personal.
Michael Singer

“Sitting on a planet spinning through vast outer space for a handful of years—in the broadest sense, this is the human predicament. Earth has been here for 4.5 billion years, yet each of us is limited to roughly an eighty-year ride on the planet, give or take a few years. We were born onto the planet, and we will leave it when we die. That is simply the truth. What is not such a hard and fast truth, however, is what our few years on Earth are like. Undoubtedly, the planet can be a very exciting experience. It can bring enthusiasm, passion, and inspiration at every turn. When it unfolds that way, every day can be a beautiful adventure. Unfortunately, life on Earth rarely unfolds exactly as we want it to, and if we resist, our experience can be quite unpleasant. Resistance creates tension and anxiety, and it makes life a burden.

To avoid this burden and be able to fully embrace life, wise ones throughout the ages have taught the importance of accepting reality. Only by accepting reality can we work with the flow of life as it passes by and create a better world. All of science is based on studying reality, learning her laws, and then working with those laws to improve our lives. Scientists can’t deny reality; they must fully accept reality as the starting point of their endeavors. To fly, we must fully embrace the law of gravity, not deny its existence. The same is true in the spiritual realm. Teachings such as surrender, acceptance, and nonresistance form the basis of a deeply spiritual life. But these concepts can be difficult to grasp. In Living Untethered, we are embarking on a journey into the sheer reasonableness of acceptance and the great gifts it promises: freedom, peace, and inner enlightenment. Acceptance is best understood as nonresistance to reality. Try as you may, no one can make an event that has already happened not have happened. Your only choice is to accept the event or resist it. During our journey together, we will explore how and why you make this decision. But first you have to understand who is within that has the power to decide.”

~ Michael Singer from Living Untethered

Michael Singer is one of my new favorite teachers.

Although I very much enjoyed The Untethered Soul (check out those Notes), it wasn’t until my friend Joe Okleberry sent me a picture of him and Michael that I picked up this book. Now, I didn’t have to go far to pick it up as Alexandra had been raving about him for months. This book was literally on our kitchen table. With the two of them extolling his awesomeness, I decided to join the party. And, I’m very glad I did.

After reading this book (get a copy here), I immediately picked up the first two books he wrote—nearly FIFTY years before he wrote this one: The Search for TRUTH and Three Essays on Universal Law. Notes on those coming soon.

For now, I’m excited to share some of my favorite Big Ideas from this wonderful book and wonderfully enlightened human being so let’s jump straight in!

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Michael Singer

New York Times bestselling author and spiritual teacher.