by James Kerr | Constable & Robinson © 2013 · 224 pages

New Zealand’s national rugby team The All Blacks are arguably THE greatest team ever. In this book, James Kerr unpacks what makes them so great and how we can lead + create a Legacy. Big Ideas we explore include the fact that Better People Make Better All Blacks, Kiwi Kaizen, embracing expectations and leaning into the power of Loss Aversion (remember: no pressure, no diamonds), hitting the psychological gym and answering a couple questions that will help clarify YOUR legacy.

The haka reminds us of the inherent fragility of life. How little time is given to each of us. And how much we still have to do. It reminds us: This is our time.
James Kerr

“The All Blacks are the most successful rugby team in history. They have been called the most successful sports team, in any code, ever. In the professional era, they have an extraordinary win rate of over 86 per cent and are the current World Champions.

How do the All Blacks do it?

What’s the secret of their success?

What is their competitive advantage?

And what can we learn from it?”

~ James Kerr from Legacy

Although I’m not a big fan of rugby (growing up in Southern California immersed in baseball, soccer and basketball will do that), I AM a big fan of peak performance—on both an individual and team level.

And, the All Blacks are arguably THE greatest team ever so any book that unpacks their story and helps us understand how we can apply their wisdom to our lives has my attention.

Get this: According to Wikipedia, “They are the only international side with a winning record against every country they have played, and since their international debut in 1903 only five nations have defeated New Zealand in test matches. Since the introduction of the World Rugby Rankings in October 2003, New Zealand has held the number one ranking longer than all other teams combined.”

← That’s crazy. Pure dominance.

(Plus, who doesn’t love the haka from the All Blacks? We talk about it in our Notes on Amy Cuddy’s Presence.)

James Kerr is a journalist who was embedded with the All Blacks for five weeks in 2010. He revisited the team a few years later, interviewing key leaders within the organization and in every imaginable field—connecting the dots of what makes great leaders tick and how we can create a legacy.

The result is a quick-reading, inspiring book. If you’re into sports + world-class performance, I think you’ll dig it. (Get a copy here.)

For now, I’m excited to share a few of my favorite Big Ideas so let’s jump straight in!

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