Introvert Power

Why Your Inner Life Is Your Hidden Strength
by Laurie Helgoe, Ph.D. | sourcebooks, inc. © 2008 · 288 pages

Introverts unite!! Did you know that the majority (!) of Americans are actually introverted? Yep. But... Our society overly values the extroverted/social side of things and doesn't teach us how to cultivate the internal goodness. Fear not, Dr. Helgoe is here to help us learn how to be psychologically patriotic as we build solitude skills and tap into our introvert power.

We know that the stars are brightest when the artificial light is extinguished. And we know that, like the stars, some truths only emerge after the lights go out. We revel in a more muted light.
Laurie Helgoe, Ph.D.

“Perhaps you also feel most at home within. But you’ve probably also felt the pull to abandon this home—to set up house in the world of social interactions. Even if you only enjoy an occasional visit inside yourself, you may struggle to justify such an indulgence. Because extroversion lines up so well with American values, we introverts often deprive ourselves of what we most enjoy and thrive on. So, for all of you who draw energy from inside, behind, underneath, or away from it all, welcome home.”

~ Laurie Helgoe, Ph.D. from Introvert Power

Are you an introvert? (Me, too.)

Do you often feel a bit (or a lot) overwhelmed by the pace of life these days and the incessant need to go out and socialize and “network” and “have fun!”?! (Me, too.)

If you’re a little or a lot introverted (like me!), then this book will be a breath of fresh air for you—giving you an invitation to join the introversion party and discover + integrate the magic and power of quiet time with ourselves.

Dr. Laurie Helgoe captures the essence of the book as she tells us: “Introvert Power provides an alternative to the extroversion training you’ve been receiving all your life. As unnatural as extroversion has felt to introverts, we’ve gotten used to it. Rather than putting a thin coat of introversion over layers of extroverted thinking, Introvert Power asks you to strip down your thinking first and then dip into your true colors.”

The book is packed with Big Ideas. If you dig the Note I think you’ll love the book. For now, let’s jump in. We’ll start by defining our terms!

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