Crazy Good

by Steve Chandler | Maurice Basset © 2015 · 200 pages

Steve Chandler tells us “There is bad and there is good . . . And then there is crazy good." And, our path to living a crazy-good life is simple. It's all about CHOICES. As with all of Steve's books, this one is packed with wisdom. Big Ideas we cover include The 5% Solution, Systems vs. Dreams, Game vs. Shame, and making life an experiment.

Now for the most interesting question ever. Here it is: Can your whole life become crazy good?
Steve Chandler

“There is bad and there is good . . . And then there is crazy good.

Crazy good is something that goes far beyond expectation that you’ve got goosebumps on your arms when you see it.

So imagine what it feels like to live it.

Most people (myself included, for most of my life) just ping-pong between bad and good. We are bad at something, and then we are good at something. And when we ping-pong over to good, it isn’t even that good. We see it as fairly good, and most often it’s just barely good enough.

But it never wakes the world up.

The world wakes up from something so much better than it needs to be. That’s when the flash of astonishment goes up and down our spine.”

~ Steve Chandler from Crazy Good

I love Steve Chandler.

I know I throw that word around quite a bit. In this case, I mean it in the deepest sense. I truly love Steve.

After interviewing him several years ago, we instantly hit it off and began working together immediately. He coached me for two years and has been one of THE biggest (positive) influence in my life.

Steve integrates everyone from Ken Wilber and Nathaniel Branden to Byron Katie and Alan Watts in a SUPER practical way and with an incredibly funny, self-deprecating style.

He’s a former suicidal alcoholic (!) who realized that he had a CHOICE about how he would live the rest of his life.

As a guy with a father who struggled with alcohol and a grandfather who struggled with alcohol + killed himself (not to mention as a guy with my OWN past struggles with feeling lost and hopeless), I, like so many others, find Steve’s hero’s journey extraordinarily inspiring. As he says, if HE can get to where he is, we all can.

This is Steve’s 37th book. And, it’s his best. It’s Crazy Good. (We also featured Wealth Warrior, Time Warrior, Fearless, and 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself.)

If you’re looking to go from a kinda-sorta-alright life to a fired up, crazy-good awesome one, I think you’ll love it. (Get a copy here.)

The book is PACKED with Big Ideas. Short little mini-chapters full of goodness. I’m excited to share some of my favorites so let’s jump straight in!

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