#250 Incremental to Bam!

Notes on a Baby Learning to Crawl

As all parents know, one of the most amazing things about having kids is watching them hit new milestones—when, one day, they can do what was impossible just the day before.

This recently happened in the Johnson house.

Our little baby Eleanor went from not being able to crawl to being able to cruise all over the place in what appeared to be the span of 24 hours. Of course, that’s life changing not just for her but for mom and dad as well. (Hah!)

As a father who happens to be a lover of wisdom, I couldn’t help but notice that this huge shift in ability that seemed to be so sudden was arrived at in an incredibly incremental way.

Of course, Eleanor has been slowly developing all the requisite strength and skills to be able to crawl and then… BAM! It’s on.

But, it’s fascinating to reflect on the fact that each of the preceding micro-gains didn’t make it obvious that something so big was in the works.

And, of course, it’s the same thing with us.

We may not see any “big” results in our lives as we work hard to implement these little +1s.

But guess what?

One day a switch will flip and you’ll be able to easily do what was, up until that point, impossible.

So, here’s to the +1s that lead to the +10,000s.

And, here’s to making sure the house is officially child-proof. We’ve got a baby on the loose! 😃