#415 Your Grand Purpose

How to Turn Apparent Misfortune into Great Fortune

One of the themes we come back to again and again is the basic idea of loving what is — whether that’s via Byron Katie’s wisdom or the Stoics or the Serenity Prayer.

Here’s another take on it that I’ve found super helpful.

Vernon Howard tells us: “If your grand purpose in life is to wake up, then whatever happens to you is good, for it can prod you into self-awakening.”

And, he says: “If it takes apparent misfortune to turn us into true philosophers and doers of good to receive good, then apparent misfortune is our greatest fortune.”

Well that’s one way to look at it, eh?

Indeed it is. A very powerful way. 🤓


Today’s +1.

What’s your GRAND purpose? The ultimate big ol’ purpose of your existence?


In short: To actualize my potential. In service to the world. While enjoying the process.

Now, with THAT goal in mind, I can bring Vernon’s wisdom to mind and alchemize pretty much E V E R Y T H I N G into great fortune. From the mundane issues with the kids or the biz to the bigger challenges in life.

It’s ALL antifragile fuel for the fire of actualization.

All of it.

So, again… What’s your grand purpose?

Get clear on it. Then make the connection between your response to this moment and that target.

Let’s use E V E R Y T H I N G as fuel for our growth.

That’s how to turn apparent misfortune into great fortune.

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