#713 Your Genius Zone - Part 2

What Is It You Can Uniquely Do?

Many moons ago, very early in our +1 journey together, we talked about Gay Hendricks’ wisdom on your Genius Zone.

As you may recall, your Genius Zone is the place we want to spend more time playing (rather than in our Incompetence, Competence or Excellence Zones). To do so, Gay tells us, requires a Big Leap!

I often think about that model and I’ve found it super-helpful as I continue to explore how to do what I’m here to do.

Today I’d like to connect that wisdom to some wisdom from my dear friend Katherine Collins.

As we discussed in Greatest Year Ever – 2019, Katherine is one of my favorite people on the planet. We met at a Conscious Capitalism event years ago.

Quick biographical sketch: After running US Equity Research at Fidelity (along with her own mutual fund), Katherine decided to go to Harvard Divinity School.

Pause for a moment.

A: An epically cool human.

These days she runs Sustainability Investments for Putnam.

I feel blessed to have her as an investor in Heroic (Enterprises, Public Benefit Corporation) and I feel even more blessed to have her as a friend and mentor.


I call Katherine when I have big strategic questions floating through my mind. As in, BIG strategic questions. 🙂

I recently called her as I felt called to step up and (re-)expand my vision for Heroic.

As always, her wisdom was divinely inspired.

Today I’d like to briefly discuss one facet of that wisdom and connect it back to our Genius Zones.

As we explored some strategic options, Katherine quoted Gloria Steinem who, apparently, was once asked how she accomplished so much in her life.

Her answer? She focused on what she could uniquely do. If someone else could do it, she let them do it. If she felt like she could uniquely contribute, she got to work.

That’s Today’s +1.

What is it that you and you alone (!) can UNIQUELY do?!

← THAT is where we want to spend more and more of our time.
← THAT is a good signpost to arrive at our Genius Zone.

Note1: When I think of that, the very first thing that comes to mind isn’t all the jumbo-”big” things. It’s being a great husband and father. THOSE are things that I (and only I!) can (and must!) uniquely do.

Note2: Longer chat but the other “big” thing we talked about that I can “uniquely” do? Creating a Noble Social platform that integrates Wisdom + Community + Virtue. I have a weird (unique?) mix of experience as a Founder/CEO of two social platforms AND as a (hermit-) Philosopher/Teacher. Since I sold my last business, I’ve waited for over a decade for someone to create the “Facebook for Optimizing” and no one has done it. I’m starting to think it’s up to me to do it. (Hah.)


Back to YOU.

One more time: What is it you can uniquely do?

Are you doing it?

Is it time to make micro and/or Big Leaps into that Genius Zone?

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