#714 Noli Timere

<- “Be Not Afraid” (= The #1 Phrase in the Bible)

In our last +1, we spent some time hanging out with my friend Katherine Collins who is, I am quite sure, the only human on the planet who has run a multi-billion dollar mutual fund AND gone to Harvard Divinity School.

(Hah!) (And wow.) (One more time: Who DOES that?)


As we discussed, I call Katherine when I need Divinely-inspired wisdom. She always delivers.

During our recent chat in which she told me about Gloria Steinem’s “What can I uniquely do?” wisdom-question, we also talked about my Memento Mori medallion. At the end of that call, Katherine told me she wanted to send me a little gift.

A few days later I received an incredible note and a beautiful little heart-shaped medallion with the Latin phrase “NOLI TIMERE” inscribed on it. It’s been in my pocket every moment since.

(Noli rhymes with “holy” and timere is pronounced “tee-meh-reh, heavy on the “tee.”)


It means “be not afraid.”

(I get goosebumps just typing that.)

In her card, Katherine said, “Enclosed is a companion to Momento Mori—NOLI TIMERE, ‘be not afraid.’ I like to think of the two together—urgency for the preciousness of life, plus courage to pursue great things. (Also the most common phrase in the Bible!)

← Wow.


Be not afraid.

That’s Today’s +1.

Let’s combine a healthy, grounded urgency for the preciousness of life with a healthy, grounded courage to pursue great things.


Just to make sure we’re completely blissed out in empowered wisdom, let’s sprinkle in a healthy dose of gratitude for having friends who remind us of what’s most important in life—via their words and, even more powerfully, via their exemplary lives.

And let’s commit to BEING such friends Today.

One more time: Be not afraid.

Give us all you’ve got, my dear friend!

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