#319 You Think You’re at an 8

But You’re Really at a 2

In our last +1, we talked about Tony Horton and the voices in his head that get him to work out consistently. Today we’re going to talk about another fitness legend, Joe Manganello.

You may know Joe from the Magic Mike movies. Yes, I just mentioned Magic Mike. (Laughing.) And, I’m not sure what to say about the fact that Magic Mike was the first film Emerson ever watched. Granted, he was asleep as an infant on his mother’s lap but still, I’m not sure what the long-term consequences of that will be. 🙃

(Um. Yah. Ahem. On to the regular programming. 🤓)


Joe Manganello is an actor who happens to be ridiculously jacked. He also wrote a great book called Evolution. It’s packed with great ideas on his approach to fitness and to life.

Here’s one of my favorites lines: “Truth: You think you’re working out at an 8. You’re actually working out at a 2. I don’t care how long you’ve been training; that’s just the reality. If that hurts your feelings, I’m sorry. It’s time for you to reestablish your baseline in order to define intensity.”

This is one of my favorite lines ever: You THINK you’re at an 8. But you’re really at a 2.

In EVERY aspect of your life.

Hate to break the news to you. But that’s actually a) almost certainly true (right?) and b) super exciting as it points to a ton of opportunities for Optimizing.

The trick? We need to step back, analyze our prior best and make that our new baseline.


Today’s +1.

What’s an area of your life that you know needs work?

Let’s be honest. Are you operating at about a 2?

No big deal. What would a truly 8-level of intensity look like for you?

Dial it up.

Evolve into the best version of you!

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