#1266 “Wow! That Must’ve Worked!”

What’s Working for YOU?!

This morning I got up and did my thing.

As always, the day started the night before. Granted, yesterday’s PM Bookend was particularly awesome with a shut-down complete then family walk then meditation then Deep Love with the kids (fishing in our pond! lol). Went to bed nice and early. Celebrated all the awesome together in our family bed. Last words were “I love you” before we all put on our tape (Emerson’s doing it now and Eleanor asked for some last night—lol). Then a little silent “I love you” squeezy with Emerson.


Woke up feeling great.

Headed to the kitchen where my AM supplements and water awaited next to my Oura ring charger and the iPod that I use for reviewing my Oura data.

(Note: As we’ve discussed, I got an iPod exclusively for this so I wouldn’t have to trip the Smartphone pickle-wire and get seduced by those siren songs.)


Oura results are in.

93 Readiness. 👈 I’ll take it!

39 resting heart rate. 79 average heart rate variability. 👈 I’ll DEFINITELY take it!!


Every time I review my stats I immediately do a little analysis on what led to those results so I can +1 or -1 as necessary.

This morning, I was even more committed to the “That Works!” analysis a la our recent +1 on the subject.

I thought to myself: What’d I do differently yesterday that made those numbers show up?

Fishing on our pond with the kids rather than doing the higher intensity Rancher Bri Trail whacking in the evening with them must be helping out the cause by allowing me to relax rather than get my heart rate up.

I was definitely well hydrated. (Although perhaps TOO well hydrated as I did have to get up to pee a couple times last night. TMI? 🤷‍♂️) (Note: Emerson drank his two 27 ounce Klean Kanteen waters yesterday for the first time in a while and HIS heart rate was lower last night when he was playing The Heart Rate Game. 🤔)

Eating around 5 hours before bed DEFINITELY helped. That’s always the #1 variable for my heart rate (and HRV). It’s fascinating to see how strong of an influence eating late (or even just within that four-hour window before bed effects me). (Got Glymph? Recall: Glymph for the win!)

My taking-it-to-the-next-level PM Bookend routine must be helping: 1,000-second wrap up featuring a quick review of the day and a preview of tomorrow along with the PEMF + Nano meditation then family walk.

Made some strategic decisions creatively that feel great (will share more on that soon) and had an epic chat with Michael about next steps/future vision/etc. (YES!)

I’ve been working out a little less intensely as I train with the kids in the morning. Yet, I’ve been hiking more often throughout the day. Took an extra 3, 1/2-mile to 1-mile walks during the day on the Trail. I’ve really enjoyed that while doing them and that must be helping.

Oh! And the ZERO tech inputs (news AND all non-essential stuff) has DEFINITELY quieted my mind and body. That has to be contributing as well.


That’s Today’s +1.

Enough about me.

How about YOU?

What’s working?

Let’s do more of that.


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