#96 Win or Learn

Three Questions to Ask after a Disappointing Performance

Lanny Bassham won a gold medal in rifle shooting in the 1976 Olympics. But he didn’t win that gold until AFTER he kinda fell apart in the 1972 Olympics where he took home a silver.

He used that disappointment to fuel his mental toughness training and bring home the gold in his next attempt. Since then, he’s been teaching people how to Optimize.

Here’s one of my favorite things he teaches his elite performers.

After any performance—ESPECIALLY the ones where you fell short of your goals—ask yourself these three questions:

1. What did I do well?
2. What did I learn?
3. How will I get better?

We win. Or, we learn.

Today’s +1: Learn anything awesome lately? 😃

Think about a recent disappoint and let’s quickly run it through this process:

1. What did you do well? (ALWAYS (!!!) start here!)
2. What did you learn? (Well, what did you learn?!)
3. How will you get better? (+1, baby!!)

High fives!