#129 What's Your #1 Self-Care Habit?

Perhaps the Most Important Question We Can Ask Ourselves

As we’ve discussed, Michelle Segar is one of the world’s leading researchers studying the science of how to Optimize our health behaviors.

She tells us that one of THE most important things we can do is identify the #1 thing we do that keeps us energized and plugged in and ready to rock.

She calls this your #1 self-care habit.

So… Today’s +1: What’s YOUR #1 self-care habit?

Hers is sleep. So is mine. Her husband’s is exercise. Alexandra’s is time to meditate and journal and reflect.

Back to you: What’s yours?

What’s THE #1 thing you do when you’re most on? The thing that helps you ensure you have a great day?

And, perhaps even more directly: What’s the thing that if you DON’T do it, you run the very high risk of having a very BAD day?

Is it getting a great night of sleep? Is it getting in a great workout? Is it eating really well? Is it meditating? What is it?

THIS is my #1 self-care habit: __________________________.


Now, time to apply all our Habits-building mojo on it and install that #1 and/or make sure it keeps on going strong!!!

Let’s +1 that #1.

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