#1143 Virtuegong

Qigong + Virtue for the Win!

I’ve been doing a super-simple Qigong practice for years.

(Thank you, Michael Gelb for getting the balls rolling!!)

Every.single.time I hit the Trail in Ojai, I stop at the exact same spot facing the rising sun and do a 1 to 3 minute practice.

I’m constantly Optimizing it.

Lately, I’ve been playing around with a Qigong practice inspired by our Virtue Compass.

I call it Virtuegong.

(btw: For curious souls: Qi means “life force.” Gong means “mastery.” So, Qigong is, literally, “mastery of your life force.” Virtuegong, therefore, is “mastery of virtue.”)


Here’s how my practice went this morning.

I start by flipping the switch and striking a power pose.

Feet shoulder width apart. Pull the thread through the head.

Chest up. Chin down.

Relax. Smile.

Then I take a nice, deep breath in through my nose, down into my belly and back out through my nose (with a slightly longer exhale) as I imagine power from the Universe coming in through my head as I think to myself, “WISDOM.” “I know the game I’m playing and how to play it well.”

Then I take another nice, deep, slow breath as I imagine power coming up from the Earth through my feet and into my body as I say to myself, “SELF-MASTERY.” “I commit to playing the game well.”

Then I take another deep breath as I imagine Energy coming up and through my heart then moving out to the left of me (like the midline of our compass) as I say “COURAGE.” “I am willing to act in the face of fear.”

Then I take another deep breath as I imagine the Energy going through me and my heart this time to the right as I say, “LOVE.” “I am kind and present and encouraging.”


Four cardinal virtues.

Then I continue with the sub-virtues.

“HOPE.” “I know my future is going to be amazing because I’ll do whatever it takes to make it so.”
“GRATITUDE.’ “God, thank you for blessing me with the gift of… My life and EVERYTHING in it.”
“CURIOSITY.” “I’m so eager to see what unfolds in my life as I continue to Optimize.”
“ZEST.” “I feel alive and Energized. Let’s. Do. THIS!!!”

That’s my Virtuegong practice.

And, that’s Today’s +1.

If you feel so inspired, find your happy spot and practice with me!

Here’s to mastering our embodiment of virtue.

One Optimus, virtue-inspired breath at a time.


P.S. Here’s a little audio recording of the Virtuegong meditation you may enjoy!

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