Creativity on Demand

How to Ignite and Sustain the Fire of Genius
by Michael Gelb | Sounds True © 2012 · 225 pages

Would you like to ignite and sustain the fire of genius? Well, Michael Gelb's your guy, then. Gelb is one of the world's leading thinkers + teachers on applied genius creativity. He wrote the life-changing book, "How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci" and is back with more goodness in this gem. Specifically, he teaches us how to cultivate our creative mindset + creative mojo via tapping into universal life force, or qi = good stuff!

I’m dedicated to helping you discover and express your creative power.
Michael Gelb

“In Creativity on Demand you’ll learn how to access this infinite field and use it any way you want. For more than forty years I’ve explored how to help others apply this creative power. Then a few years ago I had another epiphany, an “aha” experience in which I realized the simplest, most profound way that we can all connect with the source of unlimited creative possibility. In that moment this book was born.

In the pages that follow you’ll learn that the “fire of genius” is more than just a metaphor. Creative fire is a form of energy that is part of your birthright. But for many, the pilot light has gone out. You’ll learn to ignite it and then how to cultivate it so that it grows more potent every day for the rest of your life.”

~ Michael Gelb from Creativity on Demand

I love Michael Gelb.

His book How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci literally (!) changed my life. Actually, it did more than that. It not only changed my life, it set the very direction of my life. (Check out my Notes on that book for more… We have a Note on his great book, Brain Power, as well.)

Years ago, Michael was MC-ing a Conscious Capitalism event. I walked up to him at lunch and thanked him for changing my life. We become fast friends and I’ve been blessed to have him and his mentorship and support in my life (he’s also an investor in me/en*theos).

Michael is an incredible embodiment of everything he teaches and his soul-felt laugh is one of my favorite sounds in the world.

Reading his newest book was a joy. I finished it in <24 hours. It’s all about how to, as the sub-title suggests, ignite and sustain the fire of genius. Who doesn’t want *that*?!

It’s packed with Big Ideas and some really cool, creative qigong exercises to harness the creative energy that allows us to rock it. If you’re even remotely interested in either optimizing your creativity or optimizing your connection to that ineffable energy that beats our hearts and keeps the planets in line, I think you’ll love the book.

There are four sections: Mastering Creative Energy (focused on the qigong practices) + Mastering Creative Mindset (gotta get our minds right!!) + Mastering the Creative Process (nuts and bolts of making it happen) + Mastering Creative Energy, Mindset and Process: Moving from Force to Power (tying it all together).

Most of my book is marked up. We’ll focus on my favorite Big Ideas from the Mindset + Process sections.

Let’s jump in!

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