#710 Virtue Mantras

(Super Helpful!) Tools for the Mind

In our last couple +1s, we talked about the 11 virtues that show up on our shiny new Optimus medallions and make an appearance in our Optimus meditation.

Wisdom + Arete + Confidence + Purpose + Self-Awareness + Telos + Energy + Presence + Courage + Love + en*theos.

I’ve been playing around with those virtues in my formal meditation practice and while I’m rowing and while I’m training and before I fall asleep and after I wake up and, well, a lot. (Laughing. “That’s like me!”)

I’ll either go through the meditation we walked through in our last +1 (with the I Am [Insert Virtue] on the inhale followed by the power-statement on the exhale) or just pull a virtue out that I think would be useful in the moment and repeat it in my mind—feeling its power flowing through me.

Which makes me think of mantras.

And makes me surprised we’ve done over 700 (!) +1s so far (go us!) and we haven’t talked about one of the most powerful tools to train our mind.

I mean…

Do you know what the word mantra literally means?

It’s a Sanskrit word.

Basically: The man part means “mind” and the tra part means “tool.”

So… A mantra is literally a “tool of the mind.”

Today’s +1.

Want to Optimize your mind?

Mantras are a good place to start.

Pick a word. Or a collection of words. (Virtues perhaps?)

And get to work on your mind. 🔧

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