#709 The Optimus Meditation

Aka the Heroic Virtue Meditation

In our last +1, we had fun with our virtual Optimus Medallion. The first batch of medallions hot off the H mint (hah!) will be shipped to our Coaches soon (and available for all Optimizer pockets shortly thereafter 🤓).

Today I’d like to chat about the Optimus meditation that goes with the coin.

First, quick context.

The most important part of our Heroic Coach certification program (and, of course, of all of our work together) is to help our Coaches (and you if you’re not currently becoming a Coach!) become radiant exemplars of what a life well-lived looks like.

Basically, to flip the switch and make the Optimus version of ourselves the version of us that shows up more and more consistently.

Of course, there are a range of practices that we KNOW help us do that—including the core fundamentals like eating, moving, sleeping, breathing and meditation.

As part of our program, to get certified as an Heroic Coach our Coaches will need to execute the basic fundamentals on a consistent, #carpediem basis—demonstrating mastery in moving from theory to practice.

One of the specific things we’re all going to commit to?


Heroic Coaches will meditate. Period.

The target will be 11 minutes in the AM and 11 minutes in the PM. The “we never miss a day” minimum/floor will be 1 minute in the AM + and 1 minute in the PM.

(Note: 11 x 11 = 2 hours = Yuval Noah Harari style. :)

I have missed one day of meditation over the last 11+ years and we’ve had a LOT of people ask me HOW they should meditate. I gave general advice in Meditation 101 but I always refrained from giving prescriptive advice beyond “Just show up consistently!”

Until now.

We’re going to recommend the Optimus Meditation (aka the Heroic Virtue Meditation).

Skipping the part of how to sit/breathe/etc., Today we’re going to focus on the core virtues themselves and I’ll give you a little walk through.

First, the virtues: Wisdom + Arete + Confidence + Purpose + Self-Awareness + Telos + Energy + Presence + Courage + Love + en*theos.

Now, the meditation.

Find a comfy and quiet place to focus your attention. Sit with dignity—with your spine nice and straight and tall and lengthened. Breathe in through your nose, down into your belly and back out through your nose. Gently. Deeply. With a smile. And with an exhale that’s slightly longer than your inhale.

Perhaps in to a rough count of 6, holding for 2 and exhaling for 7 or whatever feels good to you. Do that a few times.


Parasympathetic nervous system activated!

Now for the virtues.
Each of the 11 virtues gets its own breath. Basically: I AM [insert virtue] on the inhale. Then a brief power-statement affirming that virtue on the exhale.

Here we go…

Inhale: I am Wise

Exhale: I know the game I am playing.

Inhale: I am Virtuous

Exhale: I live with Areté.

Inhale: I am Confident

Exhale: I trust my antifragile self.

Inhale: I am Purpose-Driven

Exhale: I have strength for two.

Inhale: I am Self-Aware

Exhale: I know myself.

Inhale: I am Teleological

Exhale: I have clear targets.

Inhale: I am Energized

Exhale: I honor my fundamentals.

Inhale: I am Present

Exhale: I focus on what’s important now.

Inhale: I am Courageous

Exhale: I say, “Bring it on!”

Inhale: I am Loving

Exhale: I am kind and generous and encouraging.

Inhale: I am Connected to My Daimon

Exhale: I shine with radiant enthusiasm!!!


Here’s to Operationalizing Virtue while soaking our minds in the good stuff as we relax our bodies by flipping the switch on our parasympathetic nervous system one breath at a time.

That’s Today’s +1.

Sending you Wisdom + Arete + Confidence + Purpose + Self-Awareness + Telos + Energy + Presence + Courage + Love + en*theos.

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