#1762 Unstoppable Mindset

How’s Yours? Feast on Your Hero Bars!

I love Alden Mills.

I’m not sure how we originally connected but I’m very happy we did.

I read his first book, Be Unstoppable, years ago.

I read it by myself first, then I read it with Emerson. It’s FANTASTIC.

Note: Alden wrote it for his four boys. If you have kids, I think they’ll love it!


Then I read his second book Unstoppable Teams and we even produced a class on it with Alden called Unstoppable Teams 101. (👈 Check it out!)


When Alden told me he was writing this book and asked me if I’d write a little blurb for him, I told him: “ABSOLUTELY!”

Here’s the blurb I wrote that happens to be on the back cover of the book: “In Unstoppable Mindset, Alden Mills tells us that we are more powerful than we realize, then gives us a practical, step-by-step guide to activate our Heroic potential. I highly recommend this book for everyone looking to forge the mindset we need to make a difference in the world.”

(👆 That’s a pretty good overview if I say so myself. (Hah!))


The book is PACKED with great stories about (and Big Ideas from!) Alden’s Navy SEAL training days and his time as a Navy SEAL Platoon Commander along with great stories/Ideas from his entrepreneurial days as the Founder/CEO of an Inc. 500 fastest growing company AND as a devoted father of four boys.

We’re going to chat about some of my favorite ideas in the next few +1s.

For now…

Know this: “To Be Unstoppable doesn’t mean you have never been stopped. It means you have been stopped and you know how to keep going, and that is what we are doing here together—learning to Be Unstoppable when we make mistakes and encounter obstacles.”

Today’s +1 is simple…

If you feel so inspired, think back to a time in your life when you were getting your butt kicked.

You were almost stopped…


You somehow found the courage to keep going.




Imagine one time in your life when you were ALMOST stopped.


You kept going.

Got it?



Think of a CURRENT challenge you’re facing.

Think back to that time when you were UNSTOPPABLE.


Feast on that Hero Bar as you use your current challenge as fuel for your next-level growth.


P.S. My all-time favorite song is called “Unstoppable”. It’s by The Score. I've listened to it HUNDREDS of times. Check it out here.

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