#1147 The Three Quests + U

Universal + Unique + Ultimate

In our Mastery Series, we kick off the third session of Module II on Hero-ology with The 3 Quests + U in which I proposed that we all have THREE quests—all of which happen to start with the letter “U” which just so happens to be the patron letter of hero’s.

We’ll talk more about why the “U” rocks in our next +1. Today we’ll focus on The Three Quests: Universal + Unique + Ultimate.


We all share the same Universal quest, best captured by Maslow’s line that “What one can be, one must be.” The UNIVERSAL quest we’re ALL on? To express the best version of ourselves in service to our families, communities and world.

Enter: Optimize = Optimus = Best = Eudaimon = Hero.

Then we each have a Unique quest. The question that best captures this might be: “What must YOU be?!” What roles are you being asked to play? How can you show up most powerfully within the constraints of your reality?

Note1: This doesn’t mean we all need to go out and do fancy things the world knows about. In fact, for most of us, this WON’T be the case. And, that’s awesome.

As one of our Coaches (go Christie!!) recently shared during our time together, after our program she finally embraced just how well she played the role of “mom” and that she truly Turned Pro on that mission. Now that she’s embraced that, she’s ready to continue rocking it as a powerful Grandmother to all the kids joining her family. (That gets me misty. THAT’s a true heroine.)

Note2: Remember Joseph Campbell’s wisdom that the good life consists of one hero’s journey after another. It’s not a one-and-done kinda thing. We’re ALWAYS (!) spiraling up and into the next best version of ourselves.

Then we get to the Ultimate quests (that also happens to be both Universal and Unique). What’s that? Well… ULTIMATELY, it’s ALL about showing up as the best version of ourselves right.this.second. Close the gap. Flip the switch. High five your inner daimon. RIGHT NOW.

The best question to help us get there? Perhaps: “Optimus, now what needs to be done?” Or… Perhaps: “Optimus, what’s important now?”

That’s Today’s +1.

The three quests: Universal + Unique + Ultimate.

Check out the Mastery Series (and Purpose 101) for more.

For now…

Let’s know the game we’re playing and play it well.


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