#1148 The Patron Letter of Heroes

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In our last +1, we chatted about The Three Quests: Universal + Unique + Ultimate.

I proposed that we all have the same Universal quest to become the best version of ourselves in service to our families, communities and world. (“What one can be, one must be!”)

We each have our own Unique expression of that Universal quest. (“What must YOU be?!”)

And, Ultimately, it’s all about expressing that best version of ourselves RIGHT NOW!!! (“Optimus, now what needs to be done?!”)


When I was creating this part of our Mastery Series session on Hero-ology, I didn’t intend to make all three quests start with the letter U.


When I noticed that they all started with a “U,” I smiled.

I mean, if Heroes had a patron letter, it would DEFINITELY be a “U”!!!

We talked about this basic idea years ago in our +1 called “The Dreaded ‘U’ on Your Heroic Quest – And How to Conquer It.

As we said in that +1, imagine yourself at the start of an epic journey. You’re looking out across a canyon. You can see a shimmering oasis on the other side of the canyon. It’s epic. Super bright and shiny and awesome. And it’s yours. You know it. You can feel it.

Then you get to work.

You descend into the depths of the canyon to get to the other side. It’s dark in here. The trees are thick. So thick that you’ve got to cut your way through them.

You look up. You can’t quite see that epic vision anymore. Eek.

Enter: That whiny little voice in your head that wonders what the heck you’re doing and questions why you’re down here in the mosquito-infested forest in the first place.

That’s the trough of the “U.”

Keep on going.

Remember that ALL great heroic quests MUST include times of challenge.

I mean, you’d walk out of a movie in which the hero never faced a challenge, right?

Best way to get to the other side of the U?

Collect turnarounds. Turn the inevitable (!) glitches around and use those challenges to practice your philosophy.


High fives from me and the letter U.

+U. +U. +U.

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