#1043 The Speed Limit Game

Driving Toward Mastery

Do you ever drive a little too fast?

Me, too.

(I mean, not obnoxiously fast like I might have driven on occasion when I still had a head full of hair and before I started paying attention to much in my life but…)

… Which is why I started playing a little game I call “The Speed Limit Game.” (Very original name, eh? 🤓)

Here’s how it goes.

If I’m in the car and driving,
Then I set the cruise control speed thingy to the speed limit.

Driving to the Trail? Speed limit is 25. That’s how fast I go. On the freeway? Speed limit is 65. This one needs work so I can say, “That’s how fast I go.” (Hah.)

Each time I set the speed control I take a nice, deep breath down into the belly, exhale slightly longer and smile—knowing I just used another mundane moment to slow down, connect to my inner daimon and practice cultivating calm confidence and energized tranquility.

That’s Today’s +1.

If you feel so inspired, let’s play The Speed Limit Game and make George Leonard proud as we embrace and PRACTICE his Mastery-wisdom: “Could all of us reclaim lost hours of our lives by making everything—the commonplace along with the extraordinary—a part of our practice?

Answer: YES!!

-1 -1 -1…

= 0 over speed limit

… for the +1 +1 +1 calm confidence, energized tranquility win!

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