#1044 The Riddles of Life

Giraffes, Skunks, Pearls and… Heroes

Last night Emerson and I were having fun playing The Riddle Game while mommy and Eleanor took a bath together (which might have been the cutest thing ever).

Riddles included:

Emerson: “What’s spotted and tall?”
Me: “A giraffe?”
Emerson: “YES!”

Me: “What’s striped and stinky?”
Emerson: “A skunk?”
Me: “YES!” (Hah.)

Emerson: “What is poisonous to humans but might not be to other animals?”
Me: (Laughing) “A rattlesnake?”
E: “No.”
Me: “A tarantula?”
E: “No.”
Me: “A black widow?”
E: “YES!!”

(Fun fact: The day Emerson was born, we saw all three of those guys!)

Then it was my turn again. (And, we’re getting to the point of Today’s +1.)

Me: “What starts as an irritant and winds up a gem?”
Emerson: “A PEARL!”
Me: “Yes!!”

E: “What’s red and heals?”
Me: “The Joov light?” (Mom and Eleanor had this guy on in the bathroom. Recall: The Johnson family’s all-in weird. We only have red lights on in the house after the sun goes down. Why? Ask the kids and they’ll tell you that bright light messes up your melatonin! How much is too much? Not a lot.)

Me: “What has a face but no eyes?”
Emerson: “Hmmmm… I need another hint…”
Me: “In place of the eyes, the face has numbers.”
Emerson: … “A WATCH!”
Me: “Yes!” (lol)

Me: “What’s bigger than a tennis court but lives inside your body?”
E: “My soul?”
Me: (Wow.) “That’s an amazing answer.” (Wow.) “Anything else?”
E: “Hmmm…”
Mommy from the bath for the win: “Your small intestines?”

And then for the riddle (and the answer) that got me to create this +1.

Me: “What virtue do heroes we admire most embody?”
E: “Love.”

Me: (Note: I was thinking courage so I asked): “What else?”
E: “Kindness.”

Me: (Note: I just realized he got it right): “You’re exactly right. I love you, buddy.”

That’s Today’s +1.

Wisdom. Self-Mastery. Courage.

They’re all essential to living a life of deep meaning and joy.

But… Love?

That’s the secret sauce and the answer to pretty much all of life’s riddles.

Let’s live with a little more Today, shall we?

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