#1549 Areté +1° #063: The Soul Gym

Styrofoam Weights Vs. Real Weights

Hi, this is Brian.

Welcome back to another Areté +1°. This is a micro-chapter from my new book, Areté: Activate Your Heroic Potential.

We're on Objective II now. We're taking a little tour through the 451 ideas in the book.

This is the second micro-chapter in the second Objective.


Here’s another way to think about Rule #1.

I got this metaphor from Steve Chandler—the brilliant coach and prolific author with whom I worked 1-on-1 for several years before I started working with Phil Stutz.

Let’s say you want to get stronger. So, you go to the gym.

But, when you go to the gym, you don’t lift any real weights. You decide to bang out some reps with STYROFOAM weights.

Sure, that’s a lot easier than lifting real weights but, Captain Obvious here, we’re not going to get any stronger if we don’t actually challenge ourselves by lifting some REAL weights, eh?

Same with life.

If we want to build Heroic strength for two, we’ve gotta be willing to lift some real weights.

All those challenges in your life—from the little things to the bigger things?

Those are the weights in your Heroic soul gym.

We’d be wise to see them as such.

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