#1170 The Snow Globe

In Your Brain (Quit Shaking It!)

In the last couple +1s, we talked about The Shattered Vase (and the power of taking those pieces and making a beautiful new mosaic) then we practiced The Art of Precious Scars (as we chatted about “golden repairs”).

Let’s imagine that art sitting on a desk in our dojo-studio.

We’ve got the mosaic and that golden-seamed vase.


Right next to those pieces of art, let’s put a snow globe.

A snow globe?


Stephen Joseph actually introduced this metaphor in his book on posttraumatic growth. He used it in the context of being shaken up after a traumatic event and the fact that it takes time for the metaphorical snow to settle in our lives.


When I imagined that snow globe, the first thing I thought of was our minds and what we often do to them right before we go to bed.

Maybe it was because I was prepping for the PM Bookend session of our Carpe Diem module in our Mastery Series.

We’ve talked (many times!) about the fact that your day begins the night before.

Want to create a Masterpiece Day that starts with waking up nice and early (without an alarm!) feeling all refreshed and ready to rock?




Science is unequivocal.

All that digital stimulation—both the blue light AND the raw inputs—right before you go to bed isn’t helping the Deep (And REM) Sleep cause!!

You know what it’s like?

It’s like shaking a SNOW GLOBE right before you go to bed.

Your brain’s all hyped up right when you want it to be relaxed.

That’s Today’s +1.

Let’s leave the snow globe alone—quit shaking it by turning off all your electronic stimulation AT LEAST (!) an hour before you go to bed.

Remember: Sleep. It does a body (VERY!) good.

Let’s Optimize ours.


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