#1171 “Shut-Down COMPLETE!”

Not “Shut-Down ALMOST Complete!”

In our last +1, we spent some time with our snow globe and, if we’re practicing our shared philosophy, we DIDN’T shake it in the hour before we went to bed last night. (Aka, we honored a Digital Sunset by shutting down all electronics at least an hour before bed.)


Quick check in: If we DID shake it, I wonder: How was your sleep and how’d you feel the next morning?

(Note1: Measuring via an Oura ring or something like that is super helpful.)



I’m laughing as I type this but get this…

I filmed the Mastery Series session on the importance of a solid PM Bookend on Monday.

I used the whole metaphor of not shaking the snow globe. Only, in addition to recommending the Digital Sunset of turning off all electronics at least an hour before going to bed, I also advised us to create a “Shut-Down Complete!” ritual such that we definitively end our Deep Work time so we can powerfully transition to Deep Love and Deep Energy restoration via a good night of sleep.

I kinda made a big deal out of the fact that we want to install a “Shut-Down COMPLETE!” ritual not a “Shut-Down ALMOST Complete!” ritual.

I mean, it’s not, “I’ll shut down all my work at X o’clock … But… I might check back in real quick a few more times before I REALLY shut down.”

It’s “SHUT-DOWN COMPLETE!” as in, “I’m DONE with Work! I can now relax my brain and recharge as I get 100% present with my Family, etc.”


You know what I did on Wednesday evening (just over 48 hours of teaching about the importance of creating that “COMPLETE!” shut-down)?


I checked in one more time.

Now, to be fair, I STILL turned off all electronics more than an hour before going to bed…


I shook the snow globe up with a bunch of (unnecessary) Work stimulation a couple hours after I like to and you know what happened?

I woke up in the middle of the night and found myself thinking about the thing I thought was so important that it couldn’t wait till the next day.

(Note1: It wasn’t.)

(Note2: And, even if it WAS, I STILL would have been MUCH wiser to NOT think about it after shut-down so I had great Energy to deal with it powerfully with a fresh mind the following day!)

And, you know what I did as I lay there with a mind wide awake?

I laughed.

I genuinely LOVE it when I inevitably cross those Bright Lines and get such a clear reminder of just how powerful a simple idea like “Shut-Down COMPLETE!” truly is.

(It’s kinda like Ray Dalio’s Mistake-Learner’s High for me at this stage.)

Then I re-committed to the practice—with even MORE confidence that it works. I just need to work it.

That’s Today’s +1.

You shaking the snow globe more than is helpful at night?

And/or are you crossing some other Bright Lines that you need to pay more attention to?

All good.


And get back at it.


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