#1553 Areté +1° #067: The Science of Confidence

Albert Bandura Says…

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Here's one of my favorites from Objective II: Forging antifragile Confidence.

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Let’s talk about the science of confidence.

Albert Bandura is one of the most respected psychologists in the world. He studies the science of self-efficacy. Also known as: the science of confidence.

Here’s a quick take on what we know.

A sense of self-efficacy—a belief that you can achieve what you set out to achieve—is, to put it in technical terms, SUPER important.

For example, if you want to predict who will win a wrestling match between equally talented competitors, find out which one has a stronger belief in his ability to win. And bet on them.

There’s scientifically validated wisdom in Henry Ford’s quip: “Whether we think we can or think we can’t, we’re right.”

Bandura tells us that there are four primary ways we can build self-efficacy: mastery experience, vicarious learning, social persuasion, and physiology.

Let’s briefly explore each.

Mastery Experience: In other words, past success. Small and big wins from the past are great ways to boost your current confidence.

Create those wins, feast on them as you build your self-image as someone who succeeds (“That’s like me!”), and bring those past mastery experiences to mind when you’re facing current challenges.

Vicarious Learning: In other words, seeing someone else achieve the success YOU would like to achieve. Basic idea here: If they can do it, YOU can do it. KNOW that.

Note: DO NOT get envious of their success. Celebrate it. And say: “If they can do it, I can do it.”

Social Persuasion: In other words, someone tells you that you can achieve success. Like a coach. Or a supportive parent or a friend. (Or ME: “You’ve got this, Hero!”)

You can also persuade yourself through positive self-talk and an antifragile, confident mindset. (And remember to be the one persuading others of their potential!)

Physiology: In other words, if you want to succeed, ACT like a successful person.

Flip the switch. Walk, talk, breathe and carry yourself as the best, most Heroic version of yourself.

The +1°…

With all that in mind, let’s turn up the heat with a quick check-in…

What’s a past success we can celebrate?

Who has achieved something you’d like to achieve?

Who’s supported you and what did they say?

When you’re at your best, how do you walk, talk (to yourself and others!), breathe and hold yourself?

There ya go. That’s the quick 1-2-3-4 on the science of confidence. Here’s to your self efficacy, Hero!

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