#1552 Areté +1° #066: Confidence

What It Really Is And How To Create It

Hi, this is Brian.

Welcome back to another Areté +1°, a micro-chapter from my new book, Areté: Activate Your Heroic Potential.

We're focused on Objective II right now: Forging antifragile confidence.

Here's one of the micro-chapters from that Objective…


It’s time to define another one of my favorite words: confidence.

Etymologically, the word confidence comes from two little Latin words: con and fidere.

The word literally means “with intense trust.”

Intense trust in WHAT? Not that everything will go perfectly. That, of course, is crazy.

We need to cultivate an intense trust in ourselves such that it DOESN’T MATTER what happens because we know that we are the type of people who can do what needs to get done whether we feel like it or not.

We need to INTENSELY TRUST ourselves, such that we KNOW that we can not only handle whatever life throws at us, but we can get STRONGER as a result.

Enter: Antifragile Confidence.

And guess what? That level of intense trust (and the true,

grounded, Heroic, antifragile confidence that comes from it), is, like every other form of trust, earned.

You need to earn that trust in yourself all day every day. You know how you do that?

The same way you earn trust in ANY relationship.

You do what you say you will do.

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