#434 The Principle of Correction

Think: Needs Work for Mis-takes

In our last +1, we talked about Phil Stutz’s idea on Unilaterality.

Recall: To act unilaterally is to take action independent of anyone else doing anything. Apply it to your relationship by doing what you know is the right thing and we have unilaterality.

Here’s another gem from the same coaching session. (I take pages of notes in every session. The man is a treasure trove of endless wisdom. Laughing. Seriously.)

Imagine you do something you wish you didn’t. It just wasn’t your best. (Oops.)


What do you do?

Do you replay THAT scene in your head over and over again?

Not a good idea.

Much better, Phil says, to apply what he calls “The Principle of Correction.”

Rewind to the scene that didn’t quite go optimally. Then “re-cut the film with the scene going correctly.”

Then replay THAT scene over and over again. Phil says we need to “repeat it so intensely it’s as if it happened the right way.”

We want to groove in THAT pattern.

I said, “Ah! Love it.”

Then I told him that his idea reminded me of the whole “Needs work!” idea from gold-medal-winning rifle shooter Lanny Bassham. Miss the target? No big deal. Just say “Needs work!” and replay the scene the way you WISHED it had gone—you at your best.

Take that “mis-take” and re-do the scene.

Get it right in your head.

SEE yourself crushing it.

That’s The Principle of Correction.

It’s kinda like white-out for your brain.

So… Today’s +1.

Got any recent scenes that could use a little correction? If you’re feeling it, apply The Principle of Correction to it.

And, remember to apply it to the next little mis-take you experience.

Let’s groove in the best version of you. Over and over and over again.

+1. +1. +1.

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