#664 The Heroic Master’s Program

aka Moving from Theory to Practice

A few +1s ago—as part of our discussion on how to become a Superhero—we took a quick look at the first email our Heroic Coaches receive when they sign up for our certification program.

“Hi, Optimus!!”

Well…. The inaugural Heroic Coach certification program starts in almost exactly two weeks (last chance to sign up and join us!!) so I’ve been thinking about all things Heroic Coach A LOT.

One of the key themes that keeps on bubbling up is the fact that (echo!) it’s time to operationalize all this wisdom into consistent virtue.

In short, it’s time for MASTERY.

Which makes me think of our Coach program as a sort of “Master’s” program in Optimizing. 🤓

Which makes me think of a few of my favorite gems on the subject of moving from theory to practice.

First, we have old-school New Thought guru, Ernest Holmes (who founded the “Religious Science” movement in the 1920s).

In 1926 (via Creative Mind and Success) he tells us: “I would rather see a student of this Science prove its Principle than to have him repeat all the words of wisdom that have ever been uttered.

Fast forward 50 years for some wisdom from another somewhat obscure 20th-century sage, Vernon Howard.

In 1975 (via The Power of Your Supermind), he puts it this way: “You see, knowing the words is not the same thing as living the meaning. Suppose I memorize the printed instructions on a first-aid kit. Does that mean I can give first aid? No. The full meaning comes when I admit I know nothing and then try, practice, succeed.

Hit the fast-forward button another thirty years. This time we’ll look at some wisdom from Michael Beckwith (who actually started his church as a Religious Science trained minister, btw).

In Spiritual Liberation (written in 2008 for curious souls) he tells us: “That which transforms your life is what you practice. And what you practice constitutes your personal laws of life—not what you merely believe in, but what you practice. It’s all well and good to read books, and to attend seminars, lectures, and workshops, and to say, ‘Oh, that really resonates with me! It’s now part of my life’s philosophy.’ Your philosophy may give you a temporary state of euphoria, but if you want to be anchored in reality, it takes practice, practice, practice. We are not here to be euphoric but to get free. Rudimentary spirituality is theory; advanced spirituality is practice.


Rudimentary Optimizing is theory.

The advanced, Master’s-level stuff? That’s the PRACTICE.


How can you +1 your practice a little more Today?

(And, one more time, at the risk of sounding like an overly aggressive salesman 😲 but with the enthusiasm of a guy committed to doing everything I can to light a fuse under you and me and all of us to create a little Movement so we can change the world together: If you’d like to +100x your Optimizing practice, we’d love to have you join our Master’s program (aka Heroic Coach! 🤓)

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