#1486 The Monthly Audit

Turning L’s into W’s

Not too long ago we talked about Stan Beecham and wisdom from his GREAT (!) book Elite Minds.

As you may recall, one of the ideas we explored was about the fact that great performers KNOW they won’t be at their absolute best every single day.

Stan tells us that we should keep track of each day and give ourselves a “W” if we showed up as our best and “Won” that day or an “L” if we didn’t show up as our best and “Lost” that day.

He tells us that zero L’s in any given month isn’t a reasonable target but, if we’re serious about showing up powerfully, we want to make sure we don’t have more than 3-6 L’s on our scoreboard in any given month.


He tells us that after our inevitable L’s, we need to MAKE SURE we follow up that off day with a REALLY strong Win the next day.

That’s what I was thinking about this morning (which happens to be March 1–I’m 6 weeks ahead on +1s!) as I did a quick audit of my February (2023) Oura scores.

As you know if you use Oura, any Readiness Score over 85 gets you a crown of awesome. 👑


I went back and looked at how many days I fell short of that crown of awesome target of 85–which, for me, in a month without travel, is pretty much completely driven by whether or not I executed my Heroic protocol—particularly my “Last Meal by 3:30pm” (4 hours before bed) and “Follow My Nutrition Protocol” targets.

I missed that 85+ Readiness target twice in the month.

And BOTH times were because of a little dietary indulgence. 🤓 🤤


I enjoyed those little indulgences and… I don't need to be (and certainly WON’T be!) the first perfect human being. 😂


You know what I did the day AFTER those little L’s?

I dominated my protocol with even more intensity.

And that’s Today’s +1.

Quick question time…

How did YOU do over the last 30 days?

Do you have any way to measure that?

If not, get on that!

If so…

How many W’s did you get? How many L’s did you get?


Most importantly because THIS is how we forge antifragile confidence and quit the vicious spiraling out when we hit a little glitch-turd-speed bump…

What did you do the day AFTER your little glitch day?!

Here’s to having the wisdom and the self-mastery to dominate the rebound days as we use those inevitable off days as FUEL for our growth and move form theory to practice to mastery together…


P.S. I share my Oura scores EVERY DAY in our Heroic Mastery 1:01 coaching sessions and talk about little ideas like this. I’ve been told it’s REALLY inspiring and empowering. And it definitely makes ME perform at a higher level knowing I’ll have your eyeballs on my data!! 👀

Join us!

P.P.S. I averaged a Readiness of 89 in February. And a Sleep score of 95.

Day 1. All in. LET’S GO!

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