#1487 Interruptions?

They’re Often the REASON for the Routines

This morning I did my thing—dominating my Philosopher-mode protocol that featured a shorter (1,000-second) meditation so I could get straight to work on creating content.

For curious souls, I wrote the last +1 in Dropbox on my phone (while still in airplane mode!) while still sitting in my meditation posture (with the PEMF + NanoVi doing their thing).

Then I spent 90 minutes reading Learn How to Lead to Win by retired US Navy Admiral Mike Manazir (pronounced “Muh-naw-zur”). I got that book on the recommendation of the same friend who recommended I read Jim Mattis’s Call Sign Chaos.

Note1: They are both fantastic books on leadership.

Note2: Admiral Manazir reminds me of Admiral McRaven. Only… Instead of SEAL stories, he gives us Top Gun Fighter Pilot stories = awesome. 👨‍🍳 😗

Note3: Check out our Notes on McRaven’s Make Your Bed, Sea Stories and The Hero Code.


By the time I’d hit the 90 minute Deep Work mark this morning, I’d already banged out my 101 burpees. As I hammered out the 101st burpee for the day, I knew I was going to write a +1 to talk about why I make my last set of burpees a set of 13 reps.


I grabbed my computer…

I opened up a fresh Paper document.

+1 Title: Lucky #13.

I was about to get to work…


Emerson burst into my office with his joyful enthusiasm.


I pressed pause on writing that +1 and Focused my Energy on What was important then… Emerson!

We chatted about his plans to prepare for his next big chess tournament. He won his division for the regional championships and the national championships are exactly 51 days away as I type this. (Exciting!)

We’re focused on some fun, Lanny Bassham-inspired Parenting Champions process goal-Targets including playing and reviewing a certain number of games each day and solving a certain number of puzzles each day.

I ended our awesome chat with tears in my eyes as I told Emerson just how much I appreciate him and let him know how much fun I am having seeing him flourish.

I reminded him that nothing gives me greater joy than doing everything I can to support him in creating an amazing life.

It was a sweet, special moment.

Target swipes…

Respond to Bid from Emerson 🎯
Micro Moment of Awesome with Emerson 🎯
Big Wrestle Hug with Emerson 🎯


Emerson was on his way out of my office when…

Eleanor burst through the door and asked me to check out the house she built.


Time to Respond to a Bid from Eleanor and create a Micro Moment of Awesome with her as I shifted my Focus to the next WIN!

Target swipes…

Respond to Bid from Eleanor 🎯
Micro Moment of Awesome with Eleanor 🎯
Big Hug with Eleanor 🎯

I’m typing this +1 an hour later after breakfast. 🤓


We’ll make THAT the focus of Today’s +1—I’ll come back to what I PLANNED to talk about tomorrow: Lucky #13.

For now…

I’m reminded of Jim Mattis’s wisdom from Call Sign Chaos.

In a very different context, he makes the same point when he tells us: “A former boss, Navy Captain Dick Stratto, who was held in the Hanoi Hilton for 2,251 days as a ‘prisoner of war,’ had taught me that a call from the field is not an interruption of the daily routine; it’s the reason for the daily routine.”

Of course, there are times when we need to be in deep, do-not-disturb-unless-it’s-an-emergency mode and…

Those bids from our kids and loved ones?

They’re not an interruption of the daily routine; they are the REASON FOR THE DAILY ROUTINE.

Let’s remember our Soul Force Equation:

Soul Force = (Energy x Focus x What’s Important Now) ^ Consistency


Let’s ACTIVATE it by focusing on what’s important NOW!

All day. Every day.



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