#1373 The Home Run King

Is Also the Strike Out King

In our last couple +1s, we've been having fun hanging out with Mel Robbins and wisdom from a couple of her great books.

We talked about the fact that if you want to win any game, you have to START and you have to KEEP GOING.

We referenced some crazy stats on how many times the great ones failed.

Today I want to chat about her Babe Ruth stat. Then we’ll connect that to a modern-day Yankee home run king, Aaron Judge.

First: Babe Ruth.

As you know if you’re a baseball fan, Babe Ruth was his generation’s great home run king.

He hit 714 home runs.


He struck out 1,330 times.

Note: For the non-Math majors in the crowd, that’s nearly TWICE as many times. 🤓

As you ALSO know if you’re a baseball fan, Aaron Judge recently broke the American League single-season record for home runs.

He hit 62 (!) home runs in a single season.

Note: Even the great Babe Ruth maxed out at 60 (!) home runs in a single season.


You know how many times Judge struck out in 2022?

He struck out 175 times in 2022 alone. (That’s nearly THREE TIMES as many strike outs to home runs!)


As I was checking in on the 2022 playoffs, I noticed that our modern-day home run hero recently set ANOTHER record. He struck out FOUR times in a playoff game for the FOURTH time—the most of any player in MLB history.

I repeat: The greatest home run kings are ALSO the greatest strike out kings.

Which reminds me of some wisdom from another Yankee legend, Derek Jeter.

As Trevor Moawad puts it in It Takes What It Takes, Derek Jeter once said: “to be able to hit the game-winning home run, you have to be willing to strike out in the same batter’s box.”

That’s Today’s +1.

Strike out lately?


Work your protocol.

Get back in the batter’s box.

Give us all you’ve got.


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