#1547 Areté +1° #012: The Dojo Decision

Going for Mastery vs. Through the Motions

Hi, this is Brian.

Welcome back to another Areté +1°, a micro-chapter from my new book, Areté: Activate Your Heroic Potential.

We're having fun going through the initial series of micro-chapters.

We've covered 11. This is the 12th micro-chapter.

Then we're going to kind of bounce around, find some of my favorite ideas across the seven Objectives.

I hope you're enjoying this series and I hope you enjoy the book if you decide to get it.

Let's get to work!


Imagine walking into a dojo. You’re going to study a martial art. This is your very first day studying this art.

You might already have a dozen black belts in other martial arts, or this might be your very first time ever in a dojo. Either way is great. And, either way, you start in this school with a white belt.


Here’s the question.

As you look around the dojo and feel the energy of the place, are you there going through the motions or are you there going for mastery?

That may not sound like a big distinction, but it is.

If you’re satisfied with yourself for simply getting off the couch and showing up and plan to kinda sorta go through the motions of the class, then you’re going to show up with a VERY (!!!) different energy than the version of you that’s GOING FOR MASTERY.

If you KNOW that you want to be a black belt in x years, you’re ALL IN. You’re not just kinda sorta going through the motions. You’re using EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of that class to get a little better. You’re paying attention, standing up tall, and giving your best. Moment to moment to moment.

So… As we begin our journey together, I ask you…

Are you planning to just go through the motions by simply reading yet another self-development book?


Are you sitting up nice and tall, with a fierce look in your eye, as you commit to going all in to give the world all you’ve got?

Of course, either answer is technically fine. And you and I may not be on quite the same page, and/or you may not feel inspired to really commit to going all in with me on this journey which, of course, is MORE than just fine.

But… Let’s not kid ourselves.


It’s time to wake up and give the world all we’ve got. It’s time to quit going through the motions of our lives—mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds and doing what everyone else is doing. It’s time to stand up, put the smartphones down and high five our inner souls as we activate our Heroic potential and give the world all we’ve got.


How about…


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