#1545 Areté +1° #010: The 7 Objectives

To Activate Your Heroic Potential

Hi, this is Brian.

Welcome back to another Areté +1°, a micro-chapter from my new book, Areté: Activate Your Heroic Potential.

We're on about chapter number 10, micro-chapter number 10 of 451 micro-chapter ideas that I hope will help move you from theory to practice to mastery.

Then we're going to look at some of my other favorites in the seven Objectives.

But today's micro-chapter is…


All that’s nice and warm and fuzzy, eh?

And… It begs the question: “HOW are we going to activate your Heroic potential?!”

Before we get into the details, I’d like to step back for a moment and tell you a little bit about me…

As I briefly mentioned, I’m the Founder & CEO of a company called Heroic Public Benefit Corporation. Our mission is to help create a world in which 51% of humanity is flourishing by the year 2051.

I’ve spent half of the last 25 years as a Founder/CEO and the other half as a philosopher.

As a Founder/CEO, I’ve raised over $25 million, made crowdfunding history, and built and sold two social platforms.

As a philosopher and teacher, I’ve helped millions of people from around the world and created an app and a protocol that have been scientifically shown to change lives.

You may be wondering: “What is Heroic?”

My friend and mentor John Mackey, the co-founder and former CEO of Whole Foods put it succinctly when he graciously said, and I quote, that “Heroic is the best self-development platform in the world.”

We’ve been fortunate to serve some of the most elite performers in the world—including bestselling authors, Fortune 100 executives, military officers, athletes, and coaches. We’ve also trained over 10,000 people from 100+ countries with our Heroic Coach certification program.

With the Basic Training program in our Heroic app and the Mastery Series that is the foundation of our 300-day Heroic Coach program, we integrate ancient wisdom, modern science, and practical tools into SEVEN objectives.

This book features 451 potentially life-changing ideas that are loosely organized into the seven objectives that are the foundation of our protocols that have been scientifically shown to change lives.

Let’s take a quick look at how we frame the seven objectives when we’re training our Heroes in the app and training Coaches going through our certification program.


The first thing we need to do is step back and make sure we’re playing the right game. Fact is, in such a profoundly sick society, we almost certainly aren’t.

We’ll invite the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle and leading positive psychologist Martin Seligman to the party as proxies for ancient wisdom and modern science and ask them about the ultimate meaning of life.

We’ll save the details for our discussion in a moment but know this: They’ll give us the *exact* same single-word ANSWER.

By the end of our first Objective you’ll know the ultimate game you want to be playing AND how to play it well. If your experience is like the thousands of people I’ve personally trained, this may be life changing.


Once we’ve established the ultimate game we’re playing it’s time to learn how to play it well—which leads us to our second Objective.

We’re going to forge Antifragile Confidence.

By the time we’re done working together, we’ll move from being Fragile to Resilient to ANTIFRAGILE such that the more life kicks us around, the stronger we get.

That requires confidence.

Which leads us to another etymological pop quiz. Do you happen to know what the word confidence literally means?

It means “intense trust.” Not that everything will go perfectly in your life but that it DOESN’T MATTER how things go because YOU have what it takes to deal with whatever arises.

That’s Antifragile Confidence. Cultivating even 10% of your capacity here will change your life.

How do we build “intense trust” in ourselves? The same way we build trust in any relationship: We DO what we say we will do.

More specifically for our purposes, with the Heroic app we help you develop a protocol—a set of behaviors that you engage in on a day-to-day basis that keep you plugged in to that best version of yourself.

But… Here’s the secret sauce: We’re going to help you write a new algorithm for your life.

It goes like this: “The WORSE you feel, the MORE committed you are to your protocol.”

What do most people do when they feel a little off or overwhelmed?

They STOP doing the very things that would have kept them plugged in and capable of showing up powerfully.

Not us. The WORSE we feel, the MORE committed we are to our protocols.

This is your ticket to invincibility. You’ll still have ups and downs because you’re human, but… Your highs will be higher AND your lows will be higher. And that’s heroically awesome.


Once we’ve established the game we’re playing and learn Rule #1 on how to play it well, it’s time to simplify self-development.

That’s what we’ll do with our third Objective as we optimize what we call your Big 3: Energy, Work, and Love.

As you’ve almost certainly experienced if you’ve spent any time in the self-development world, it can very quickly get overwhelming.

There’s SO much we can work on. Where do we begin?

Well, Freud tells us that a good life comes down to two things: Work and Love. This is one of the few things on which I agree with the dear doctor but…

If your ENERGY is sub-optimal because of poor lifestyle choices, you’re going to have a really hard time showing up powerfully in either your Work or your Love.

Enter the Big 3: Energy, Work, and Love.

We’re going to systematically help you get more Energized than you’ve ever been, such that you can be more productive and do higher quality Work than you’ve ever done and, at the same time, be more Loving and connected (to yourself and to your loved ones) than you’ve ever been in your life.

That’s how to simplify self-development so you can more consistently show up as the best, most Heroic version of yourself.


From there, it’s time to get the fact that TODAY’S THE DAY to move from Theory to Practice to Mastery.

We’re going to help you become a master at creating Masterpiece Days.

We’ll start with your AM and PM Bookends and we’ll teach you the fact that, somewhat paradoxically, a great day begins with the END of your prior day.

We’ll talk about the simple, key behavioral changes that can literally change your life overnight and then we’ll systematically install the highest-leverage behavioral changes that will help you show up powerfully in your Energy, your Work, and your Love ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

That, my Heroic friend, is how we’re going to help you become more energized, productive, and connected than you’ve ever been.


All of which leads us to our fifth Objective in which we’ll master the three disciplines of self-mastery: structural discipline, reactive discipline, and expansive discipline.

We’ll also tap into the art and science of behavioral change so you can become a master at installing and deleting the behaviors that will help you become who you aspire to be.

The #1 thing to know? It’s all about using your willpower wisely to install habits that run on autopilot via algorithms.

If you feel so inspired, now might be a good time to pause for a moment and ask yourself: What’s the ONE thing I KNOW I could be doing that, if I started doing it TODAY would most change my life?

What is it? What’s the ONE thing you could be doing that, if you started doing it consistently, would most positively change your life?


Imagine your life with that habit installed. Then imagine your life with your #1 BAD habit deleted.

Then imagine having so much Self-Mastery that you can install and delete habits at will. That’s what our fifth Objective is all about.


From there it’s time for our sixth Objective. It’s time to dominate our fundamentals.

We have seven: Eating, Moving, Sleeping, Breathing, Focusing, Celebrating, and Prospering. Each fundamental has a core set of behaviors that we’ll train together.

Why does this matter?

Well… If you want to see how tall a building is going to be, look at how deeply they’re digging the foundation.

We need to really get the fact that greatness (and becoming the best, most Heroic versions of ourselves!) is all about consistency on the fundamentals.

We’ll have a ton of momentum when we get to this point and, again, if you’re like the thousands of people I’ve trained, you’ll find that you’re suddenly able to easily change some key behaviors across each of our fundamentals—stuff you may have been struggling with for years.

This is exciting, life-changing, and incredibly empowering.


All of that leads us to our final Objective. It’s time to activate your superpower. I call it Soul Force.

Gandhi named it. Martin Luther King, Jr. talked about it in his “I have a dream” speech. It’s the force that changes the world.

It’s also the ONE thing that ALL of your heroes have in common. And, it’s the one thing WE ALL have in common with our heroes as well.

We just need to activate it.

There’s a formula for it. We’ll dive into the details soon.

For now, know this: When you can get your Energy Focused on What’s Important Now CONSISTENTLY, you will activate your Heroic potential and tap into the infinite power of Soul Force as you win the ultimate game of life and fulfill your destiny.

I can’t begin to tell you how fiercely committed I am to helping you do exactly that.


Because that’s precisely how we’re going to help you activate your Heroic potential.

And, that’s precisely how we can change the world. One person at a time. Together. Starting with you and me.


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