#63 “That’s NOT Like Me!”

Part II on How to Optimize Your Self-Image

In our last +1 we had fun cultivating a strong Self-Image via “That’s like me!” imprints.

Quick recap: All the elite performers agree: 90% of our performance is mental. (90%!!!) Yet very few of us dedicate an appropriate amount of our time to Optimizing our mental game.

One key way to do that is to Optimize our Self-Image. As Lanny says, our Self-Image is what “makes you act like you.” A poor Self-Image drives poor performance. Therefore, we need to dial it in.

One key way to do that is to affirm “That’s like me!!!” when you’re on.

“That’s like me to do what I say I’m going to do.”
“That’s like me to have fun shutting down the electronics early so I can get a great night of sleep.”
“That’s like me to get up and move around every 15 minutes so I’m not active and sedentary.”

“That’s like me!!”
“That’s like me!!”
“That’s like me!!”

All day every day.

Another thing to practice?

“That’s NOT like me!”

You do something lame. Oops.

Play the “Needs work!” loop in your head and then maybe sprinkle a warm neutral, “That’s not like me.” Then move on.

Right before you’re going to do something lame (always the best time to notice) say:

“That’s NOT like me!”

“That might have been like the old Self-Image-driven me. But it’s not like the new me.”

Then… What do you say to yourself when you step in between the stimulus and your old, habitual, sub-optimal response and choose the optimal thing to do in that micro-moment that determines your destiny?

Ahhh… Yep.

“That’s like me!”

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