#1288 Spiritual Windshield Wipers (Part II)

They Do a Soul Good

In our last couple +1s, we joined Ryan Holiday for a quick trip through the purgatory of the idiot to the school of genius and then we shook our souls out and committed to quit numbing them.

Today we’re going to continue our trek through Ryan Holiday’s great book Stillness Is the Key.

We’re going to talk about spiritual windshield wipers.

👆 I LOVE that phrase.

We actually talked about this a year ago in a +1 in which we talked about “Eudaimonia, Journaling, and the Science of Writing Down Our Goals” but I think we’re ready for a little spiritual refresh on the important subject. 🌦️ ☔ 🌈

Spiritual windshield wipers.

Ryan tells us he got that phrase from Julia Cameron to describe the power of journaling.

Here’s how he puts it:

“That is what journaling is all about. It’s spiritual windshield wipers, as the writer Julia Cameron once put it. It’s a few minutes reflection that both demands and creates stillness. It’s a break from the world. A framework for the day ahead. A coping mechanism for troubles of the hours just past. A revving up of your creative juices, for relaxing and clearing.

Once, twice, three times a day. Whatever. Find what works for you.

Just know that it may turn out to be the most important thing you do all day.”

I love all of that.

But, I especially love the way Ryan points out that slowing down to journal both DEMANDS and CREATES stillness.

Isn’t that beautiful?

That’s why I journal every.single.day. And why we challenge our Coaches to do the same. Even if if it’s just for a minute or three.

I quickly reflect on my Big 3 (x2) and do a quick little sketch of our Virtue Compass to remind myself of the (ultimate!) game I’m playing and how to play it well and that TODAY is the day to live with Wisdom + Self-Mastery + Courage + Love in my Energy + Work + Love.

Spiritual windshield wipers.

They do a Hero good.

Shall we flip them on and journal together TODAY?!

📜 🖊️

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