#1289 10,319 Days

It’s +1 Day 1 Again. And Always!

Hi, This is Brian.

Welcome back to another +1.

This is +1 number 1,289.


As you know if you’ve been following along, the last time I did a +1 was nearly two years ago—717 days ago to be precise. I took a little break to launch Heroic. I’m THRILLED to be back.

We used to call these little micro lessons “Optimize +1s.”

Going forward, we’re going to call them “Heroic +1s.”

When I first created the +1 series years ago (2005 days ago to be precise!), I committed to doing 1,000 days in a row. I wound up doing 1,288.

This time, I’m committing to doing over 10,000 (!!!) days in a row.

10,319 days in a row to be precise.

At which point I may consider taking a day off.


If a new +1 doesn’t show up in your inbox, assume that either our technology died or… I died. (Hah!)



Why 10,319 days?

Because that’s how many days are left between now and January 1, 2051–the date by which we aspire to help create a world in which 51% of humanity is flourishing.

We’ll chat more about the origin story for that target and the tattoo on my left forearm that reflects my commitment to that moonshot goal.

Why +1s?

Because I believe that the only way to fundamentally and permanently change your life is to move from theory to practice to mastery TODAY.


And definitely not only on the days when you (insert whiney voice) *feel* like it.

If we want to forge antifragile confidence and more consistently express the best, most Heroic versions of ourselves, it’s simple…






ESPECIALLY on those days when we don’t *feel* like it.


The feedback we got from our community about how our +1 series changed their lives was incredibly inspiring.


After launching Heroic, I stepped back and looked at all the ways I (and we!) can best support you in getting your Soul Force to 101 (more on that soon!).

We’re fired up that the early research shows that the core Heroic app experience (featuring Basic Training and Target Practice) can help you flourish.

And, we’re fired up that all the old Optimize content—including over 1,000 +1s, over 600 PhilosophersNotes, and 50 Optimal Living 101 classes—is now integrated into one Heroic app.

We’re ALSO fired up that our Mastery Series (which research has *also* shown can help people change their lives and used to only be available as part of our Coach offering) is now part of our basic premium Heroic offering.

Plus, we can’t wait to roll out our integrated Heroic Social features and welcome more Guides to the platform as we continue to execute our vision in the months and years ahead as we strive to create a world-class social training platform that can serve as an answer to The Social Dilemma and, literally, help change the world.

If you haven’t signed up for the monthly/annual/lifetime options for Heroic, you can learn more about all that here: https://heroic.us/join


As I thought about how we could best support you in fully activating your Soul Force (aka your Heroic superpower!), it became really (!) clear to me that reactivating the +1 series would be a super important part of that commitment to you and to the rest of our community.

As I said in the VERY first +1 on Destiny Math, it’s ALL (always!) about those tiny little decisions we make all day, every day. And, as we discussed in this +1 on Atomic Habits: Tiny = Mighty (inspired by wisdom from James Clear’s super-popular Atomic Habitscheck out those Notes), the exponential benefits of aggregating and compounding tiny little gains over an extended period of time by showing up day in and day out are CRAZY.

For now…

I’m thrilled to be back and, if you feel so inspired to have me in your life, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow morning and every morning you’d like a little dose of ancient wisdom, modern science and practical tools to help you optimize and actualize your potential.

10,319 days.

(Deo (and daimon) volente!)

It’s Day 1.

Again. Always.

You. Me. Our daimons. It’s going to be Heroic.

It’s time to change the world. One person at a time. Together. Starting with you and me and us.


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