#74 Spinny Fingers

How to Quickly Regain Your Balance When Life Spins You Around

Try this little experiment.

Step 1. Find a safe spot to spin around and get yourself dizzy.

Step 2. Spin around and get yourself a little dizzy. (Seriously. Try it!)

Now, once you’ve gotten yourself nice and dizzy, I’d like you to try two different things.

First, look all around you—randomly looking up then down then over there and then back over there, etc.

How’s that feel? If you’re like me, randomly looking all around makes you feel even worse.

Ok. Now, while you’re still dizzy, rather than look around everywhere, simply put your hands in a prayer posture and STARE right at your fingertips.

How’s that feel?! If you’re like me, that immediately re-centers you. Like, shockingly quickly. (Especially when compared to our first option!)

So, all that’s nice but why should we care?

Well, when life spins you around and you start to feel a little emotional dizzy, what do you do?

Do you grope around and make yourself even worse?


Do you put all your attention on who you’re committed to being as you identify the next most important thing you need to do so you can quickly regain your equanimity?

Today’s +1.

Try the Spinny Fingers exercise if you’re feeling it. And, remember to apply the wisdom the next time you get dropped into spin cycle!

(And, btw, this is another reason why having simple, basic, routine structures to your days is so important—especially when things are most chaotic. They’re a super simple, powerful stabilizing force in the midst of the chaos.)

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