#959 Science Says: Words Matter

A Lot More Than You May Think

In our last +1, we talked about a few of my favorite “Pro” tips to Prosper as we looked forward at our 5-Year view (Prospectus!), moved forward with hope (Prosper!) and made some progress (Profit!).

Today we’re going to step back a moment and briefly chat about WHY all those words matter and why we spend so much time exploring the ancient roots of some modern words.

I actually shared the 11 “Pro” words from our session on Prosperity (along with the deeper meaning of some other non-Pro power-Prosper words like affluence, security, dignity, appreciation) in the context of a section called “Words Matter” in which I talked about Ellen Langer and some research from her lab at Harvard.

It’s F A S C I N A T I N G.

Get this.

Randomly assign people into two groups and have them do some crossword puzzles.

One group does a normal crossword puzzle.

The other group does a crossword puzzle featuring words associated with old age.


Time how long it takes each group to go from the lab to the elevator.

The group that was primed with the “old age” words?

They walk (significantly!) more slowly to the elevator than those who were not primed.


But true.

Why does that matter?



That’s Today’s +1.

See if you can bring just a little more mindfulness to the words you use Today.

And choose empowering ones.

+1. +1. +1.

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