#958 How to Prosper

Some “Pro” Tips (Via a Visit with my Dictionary)

The other day we wrapped up the Fundamentals module of the Mastery Series phase of our Heroic Coach program. (That was a mouthful, wasn’t it?) (Hah.)

Our Mastery students and aspiring Coaches and I went from Eat to Move to Sleep to Breathe to Be Present to… Prosper.

As we’ve discussed (more than once at this stage), the word prosper literally means “to go forward with hope.”

So, of course, that was the theme of our discussion on our “80/20 Look at How to Invest in Optimus You, Public Benefit Corporation to Create a Heroic FIRE That Lights the World.”

As I was preparing for the class, I put on my nerd glasses 🤓 and opened my jumbo dictionary to see all the words that start with “pro.”

There were so many awesome “pro-” words that the dictionary earned a new temporary home on the floor next to my desk. 🤓🤓

In the class, we talked about 11 of my favorite “pro” words to help us prosper. Today we’re going to take a quick look at a few of them. 🤓🤓🤓

Drumroll please.

1. Prosper. One more time. What’s it LITERALLY mean? TO GO FORWARD WITH HOPE!!

Etymologically, it doesn’t mean having a ton of money and/or material things. Therefore, etymologically, its opposite isn’t being poor per se—unless you’re talking about being poor in spirit and having no hope.

You remember what the word for THAT is?

DESPAIR. ← That’s the opposite of prosper.

When you are in despair, you have no hope AND you stop going forward. Not a winning combo. Therefore… One more time… MOVE FORWARD WITH HOPE!

2. Profit. You know what PROFIT literally means?

Well… Notice the “pro” in the front of that word and get this. Profit literally means “to make progress.”

What I absolutely love about this is the fact that PROFIT follows PROSPERITY. You “go forward with hope” and THEN you “make progress.”

(The etymological opposite of profit? Well, if it means to make progress, then the opposite of profit would be to “regress” or to go backward, eh?)

3. Prospectus. We talked about prospectus before as well. In my dictionary, it comes right before prosper. Literally. “Prospectus.” Next entry: “Prosper.”

Prospectus means “to look forward.” It’s a “distant view” of that awesome hoped-for future.

I challenged our Coaches to come up with a 5-Year Prospectus.

Let’s make that Today’s +1.

What’s in YOUR 5-Year Prospectus?

What do you see in your hoped-for future?

Go forward toward it with hope.

And make progress.

Prospectus + Prosper + Profit.

Here’s to Turning “Pro.”

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