#174 Scaffolding

Constructing Your Destiny

In our last +1, we talked about the fact that we’ll always have highs and lows but, as we do the work aggregating and compounding these tiny +1 Optimizations, our highs will get higher AND our lows will get higher as well. (Exciting!)

Today we’ll talk a little more about how to make sure our lows get higher.

First, let’s picture that in your mind.

Imagine you having a bad day. Now, my hunch is that your “bad” days these days aren’t as bad as the bad days you had x years ago.

Let’s compare the two. Imagine your super bad day x years ago before you got into all this Optimizing stuff.

Now, imagine your last bad day—whether it was yesterday or last week or last month.

My hunch is there’s a difference between the two. A big one.

Your current bad day is WAY better than your prior really bad day.

Your “low” is higher today than it was before. Can you see that?

I like to think of how this works as “scaffolding.”

Back in the day, before I even knew that we could deliberately Optimize our lives in pursuit of actualizing our heroic potential, I didn’t do ANY of this stuff. I ate terribly, rarely exercised, was up super late, didn’t even know what meditation (or mental toughness) was, etc. etc.

Guess what?

There was a HUGE gap between my highs and my lows.

I like to think of it like a skyscraper. I was capable of getting super high and fired up, but I was also capable of getting super low and dropping from that top floor all the way down to the ground. SPLAT! Ouch.

At a certain point, I got tired of that and got into all this Optimizing stuff. What I found was that these basic, fundamental practices we come back to ALL THE TIME (the repetition is very deliberate 😃), provided a “scaffolding” so I simply couldn’t fall from the top to the bottom any more.

It’s REALLY hard to have a REALLY bad day when I meditate, move, eat well, and use even a fraction of my tools.

It’s actually (literally) IMPOSSIBLE for me to even come remotely close to feeling the lows I used to feel.

And that’s exhilarating.

Hence, the obsession on the fundies.

Back to you: How’s your scaffolding? What are the things that keep you in the game?

Appreciate how far you’ve come. Seriously. Take a moment to REALLY appreciate how far you’ve come. WELL DONE!!

And, after soaking that up, how can you make your future self proud (and grateful!) by +1ing it today?

Here’s to your higher highs and higher lows AND to the confidence that comes with knowing you’re the architect (and the construction worker!) of your destiny.

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