#173 Higher Highs and Higher Lows

Embracing the Tides of Our Lives

In our last +1, we talked about Rebound Days and the fact that you’re not going to be on every (!) single (!!) day (!!!).

We need to consistently remind ourselves that we’re never going to create a PERFECT life where nothing ever goes wrong and we’re exonerated from all future work.

Here’s another way to look at that reality.

We will still have highs and lows, but our highs will be higher AND our lows will be higher.

Think about that for a moment. Two things here.

First: We’ll still have highs and lows. Like the tide coming in and then going out, our lives will follow a certain rhythm.

Embracing that fact is a REALLY wise thing to do. Then, when the inevitable low tide does its thing, we don’t need to beat ourselves up and/or do something stupid kryptonite-wise. We can say, “Yep. Low tide. All good. Focus on the fundies. Time to build my emotional stamina. Let’s do this!”

Second, here’s what I think is super exciting: As we continue to aggregate and compound all of our little +1 gains, our highs will be both higher AND (way more importantly) more STABLE than our previous highs.

Fact is, we might have had a really good day back in the day but a) it wasn’t that grounded and b) we didn’t know how to make those happen consistently.

Now? Now we have a solid base along with the wisdom to know HOW to consistently create those awesome days. And that IS. REALLY. POWERFUL!!!


Perhaps what’s most cool is the fact that, as we continue to Optimize, our current “bad” days are WAY better than our prior bad days. In fact, they might even be better than our prior BEST days.

High and lows.

Let’s embrace the reality that, like the tide and other rhythms of life, they’re always going to be there.


Let’s get fired up about the fact that, as we continue to do the work, our highs are getting higher AND our lows are getting higher as well.

Let’s do this!!

+1. +1. +1.