#206 Robot, Do This!

How to Put Your Awesome Ideas to Work

You know those times when you have a super-clear energetic hit of what the next best step is—whether it’s creatively or professionally or personally—and then, a moment later that little whiney, scared voice in your head takes over the airwaves and gets you to NOT do the thing you know is the right thing to do?

Me, too. 😃

Well, as per our chats on the fact that Speed Is a Force and the Law of Diminishing Intent, we need to remember that the longer we wait between inspiration and action, the less likely we are to actually DO the thing we know we could be doing. And, of course, when we allow that gap to creep in, our confidence and self-trust erodes as well.

Not a winning combination.

So, here’s a practical little tool inspired by my old coach Steve Chandler to use in those post-inspiration moments when your resolve starts to fade and you start second-guessing what you know is an awesome thing to do.

Write down what you need to do. (We’re talking tiny things here. An email. A phone call. Etc.)

Then say to yourself: “Robot, do this!!”

Then do it.

(Laughing. Seriously.)

Once we have grounded clarity on a wise next step, we need to remove the overthinking and over-emoting and simply do what needs to be done.

Imagine the little Robot version of you. That Robot-version of you doesn’t think. It doesn’t have emotions.

It just crushes it.

You say, “Robot, do this!” and it simply DOES that thing. (Wouldn’t that be awesome?)


Today’s +1: What does YOUR Robot need to do today?

Now a good time to go rock it?


Go Robot go!

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