#207 Idiosyncratic Optimizing

Creating Your Own Unique Mixture of Awesome


Isn’t that a fun word?

Idiosyncratic. I just love saying it. And, I love the meaning and etymology as well.

The definition of the word idiosyncrasy is simple: “a mode of behavior or way of thought peculiar to an individual.”

And, the etymology of the word is cool as well. It’s from three little ancient Greek words: idios which means “private” + sun which means “with” and krasis which means “mixture.”

Put ‘em together and you’ve got your own unique mixture.

Apply it to Optimizing and you’ve got your own unique style of rockin’ an authentic life of deep intrinsic meaning.

Idiosyncratic Optimizing.

Why is that relevant to our work together?

Because we want to remember that we each have our own style of showing up in the world. There’s no ONE way to do it. We need to have the courage to step outside of what everyone else is doing and own our unique idiosyncratic style. Knowing what works for us and doing it unapologetically.

For example, as you know by this stage, going to bed super early (right after I read to my son) is like a sport for me. Idiosyncratic. I do my 1 sun salutation, 10 pull-ups, 100 burpees, 1,000 meters of rowing, 10,000 steps every single day. Idiosyncratic. I don’t use email and I like to see how little I can use my phone. Idiosyncratic.

The more I let go of expectations of who I should be according to other people’s standards and simply trust myself in pursuit of creating an authentic life of meaning, the more tranquility I experience.

How about YOU?

What little idiosyncrasies do you need to mix together in that batch of awesome that is you and your life?

Pick one. Own it today. 😃

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