#361 Resurrections and Crucifixions

Can’t Have One without the Other

Joseph Campbell once said that we can’t have a resurrection without a crucifixion.

Think about that for a moment.

If you want to be “resurrected” into the next, best version of yourself, you must first DIE to the current version.

And, last time I checked, crucifixions are painful.

It’s especially hard to nail (!) yourself up to your own cross.

But, alas, that’s what we MUST do if we want to live heroically. We must be willing to leave the land of the familiar (aka our comfort zone) and re-enter the forest of the unknown right at the darkest point (aka our discomfort zone) — letting go of the life we had planned for ourselves so we can create the life that is destined for us.

Campbell also tells us that the great life is one hero’s journey after another. Therefore, we must be willing to go through that process of dying to the old and being born into the new AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN.

Good news is that we get a little more graceful each time with go through the cycle. And, yet, the process is still always a little (/a lot!) harrowing. As Campbell says, “There is no security in following the call to adventure.” 😃

All of which leads to today’s +1 questions.

Do you need to die to an old version of yourself so you can be born into the new?

And… How will you do so?

Here’s to the next best version of you.

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