#1720 Respect Everyone

Fear No One

I’m typing this at 7:25 p.m. CT lying in a queen-sized bed at a Marriott in Houston next to Emerson while Mommy is reading a story to Emerson with Eleanor lying next to her in a bed in Austin.

My daimon just told me: Savor this!

The first day of tournament play is over at the Texas State Chess Tournament. Emerson is currently tied for first place with another kid in the Elementary School Championship Division.

We just got back from Dave and Buster’s where we had some fun playing a few games. Last year’s edition of that trip is what led to a sacred moment with a family we talked about in the book.


As you may know if you know how chess tournaments work (none of which I knew until a year ago!), the way chess tournaments like this work goes something like this…

In the early rounds of the tournament, stronger players play weaker players then the stronger players play progressively stronger players until the best play the best to determine the champion.


In the first couple rounds today, Emerson played some kids whose ratings were significantly lower than his.

As we were preparing for those matches, I had John Wooden in my mind.

Coach had his players approach EVERY team the same exact way.

His mantra was simple…

Respect everyone, fear no one.

As we were preparing for the games he *should* win, my mantra to him was “Respect everyone!”


Tomorrow morning, he gets to play a kid with a higher rating than his.

My mantra?


I’ve said it so many times to him today that when I asked Emerson he told me...

“Respect everyone. Fear no one.”


That’s Today’s +1.

Whether we’re playing chess or giving a big presentation or doing ANYTHING, we prepare with the same intensity—knowing that we will win the ultimate game if we do our best as we remind ourselves that we RESPECT EVERYONE and FEAR NO ONE.


It’s Day 1.

We’re ALL IN.

Let’s go.

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