#924 Prosper + Prospectus

The Two Go (Forward Hopefully!) Together

In our last +1, we revisited our Spiritual Economics dictionary to redefine some key terms. Specifically: Affluence + Security + Prosperity.

As we discussed, affluence literally means “abundant flow” while security literally means “without care.”

And, prosperity?

Well, that’s my favorite. It means “to go forward hopefully.”

As it turns out, when I flipped open my big ol’ dictionary to find the word prosper to check the etymology for myself, I wound up on a page that had prospectus on it. In fact, if your dictionary is like mine, you’ll find prospectus right before prosper.

I think that’s kinda cool for a few reasons.

First, to be clear, prospectus is defined as “a printed document that advertises or describes a school, commercial enterprise, forthcoming book, etc., in order to attract or inform clients, members, buyers, or investors.

Noted. We’ll come back to that in a moment.

Moving on, as you’d guess, the words prosper and prospectus come from the same basic roots.

While Butterworth tells us that prosper means “to look forward with hope,” our dictionary tells us that prospectus is, essentially, based on the same two little Latin words: pro (which means “forward”) and specere which means “to look”).

I like that for a simple reason.

If we want to PROSPER we need to look forward with hope.

Science says that HOPE is all about three things we discuss often: 1. Having a vision of a better future + 2. The agency to believe we can make that future a reality + 3. The willingness to explore multiple pathways as we inevitably (!) bump our heads en route to that better future.

HOW do we move forward with hope?


What’s your PROSPECTUS?

What’s your actual vision for that better future?

WE are the investors we need to sell on our own better future.


Today’s +1.

Let’s unplug from Inputville for a few bonus Deep Reflection minutes Today as we Optimize our prospectus for our beautiful futures.

(And, let’s not forget to celebrate all the amazingness we’re blessed to have TODAY!)

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