#925 C.A.N.O.E-ing

On the Optimizing River of Flexibility

One of the core themes of our work together (in these +1s and in our Coach program, etc.) is the power of constantly (!) experimenting as we find little ways to Optimize.

All day. Every day.


(Again.) (And again.) (And again!)

All done with a big eudaimonically joyful smile—as if we’re playing the greatest game ever created. (Which, of course, we are. 🤓)


We’ve called it a bunch of things.

In a business environment, the whole idea of kaizen is super popular. (Kaizen is Japanese for “improvement.” … Synonymous with “Optimize”?)

While Tony Robbins calls it “CANI!” (As in “Constant And Never-ending Improvement.”)

(We actually combined those two in this +1 a year ago.)


I’m riffing on that basic theme during our fundies session on Sleep—reminding us all of the power of chipping away and looking for marginal gains as we have fun with the whole CANI thing.

Only, I suggested we swap out the “I” for “E” and make it “Constant And Never-ending EXPERIMENTING” (rather than “Improving”).

I then made the (weak) suggestion that perhaps we could pronounce it: CAN-EE!

To which Michael Balchan (my right-hand guy with our Coach program) playfully suggested we call it “CANOE!” (short for “Constant And Never-ending Optimizing Experimentation”) as he made some side-to-side canoeing motions.

To which I said, “PERFECT!”


Constant And Never-ending Optimizing Experimentation.

That’s Today’s +1.

What’s one little experiment YOU can run Today?

Let’s grab our CANOEs and hop in the Optimizing River of Flexibility.

🚣‍♀️ 🚣‍♂️

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