#168 Procrastipain

The Pain Is in the Anticipation—NOT in the Doing!

Barbara Oakley taught one of the largest classes in history on “Learning How to Learn.” She also wrote a great book called A Mind for Numbers.

In it, she talks about procrastination and shares some fascinating research.

Did you know that you can take people who hate doing math and scan their brains and actually SEE their pain centers light up as they contemplate having to do math?

Yep. Wacky.

But, here’s the deal.

Those pain centers turn OFF the moment they actually start doing the math.

It was the ANTICIPATION that was painful. Actually doing it? Not so much.


Today’s +1: Are you procrastinating on anything?

Remember: The pain of waiting is MUCH greater than the pain of actually doing. It’s the anticipation that’s getting you stressed out.

Just jump in and do it!

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