#167 Epigenetics

Stand Above Your Genes & Make Them Dance


The word literally means “above the genes.”

There’s something “above” your genes?


YOU. And your lifestyle choices!!

Get this: Until very recently the best scientists and physicians in the world believed that our genetic code and its expression were fixed. Carved in stone. Done. End of story.

Now, we know that things are a little more nuanced than that. While our DNA itself doesn’t change, the way our genetic code is EXPRESSED is surprisingly malleable.

Fact is, the choices we make on a day-to-day (and moment-to-moment!) basis are influencing how our genes express themselves. By eating, moving, sleeping and focusing our minds in certain ways, we are “flipping on” or “flipping off” genetic switches for better or worse.

We need to know that VERY few things in life are 100% determined by our genes.

Leading mindfulness researcher Richie Davidson tells us that having a genetic predisposition for something is like having a loaded gun. We still need to pull the trigger—which we do (or do not do) via our lifestyle choices.

(Richie uses another metaphor to describe this reality as well. He tells us that our DNA is like a music collection. Just because you have a certain song in your music library doesn’t mean it needs to play.)

It’s the fixed mindset that sees things in a deterministic, “It runs in our family, what can I do?” sort of way. We want to embrace the growth mindset of a more dynamic reality that our choices are influencing our destiny.

Today’s +1: Do you have a story that your destiny is somehow determined by your genes?

Yah? What is it?

Is now a good time to stand above that story and write a little better one?


How can you +1 your genetic expression a little more today?

Let’s do that. 😃

(Oh! Little P.S. here: Research has shown that we can change our genetic expression in as little as ONE session of meditation. Little things matter. When we aggregate and compound those things? Magic!!!)

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