#966 Problems vs. Conblems

Throw Challenges FORWARD Not Backward (or Under the Rug!)

Before we took a (longish) tangent into the power of words, we were talking about our session on the sixth Optimizing fundamental: Prosper.

I briefly mentioned the fact that I shared 11 “Pro” words to move forward with hope.

One of my absolute favorites?


Of course, simply thinking about “problems” can tend to stress us out.


Do you know what the word LITERALLY means?

The word problem comes from two little Greek words and means “to throw before” or “to throw forward.”

When I first read that I laughed. For a few reasons.

One, the Greek word for “throw” (from which the “blem” of problem is derived) is “ballein.” I read that and could literally see the “ball” being thrown.

And I thought… Throwing a ball is FUN. It’s a GAME.

Then I thought it was interesting that we throw the ball FORWARD. Not backward. Not under the rug.

Then I realized that problems are POSITIVE things. Both etymologically and practically-speaking.

I mean, they’re PROblems not CONblems.


That’s Today’s +1.

Are you having fun throwing your problem-balls around?

Remember: If we want to prosper (and profit!) we need to move forward with hope and make progress.

Our problem-balls are the perfect equipment with which we can play (and win!) the game of life.

So let’s have fun throwing them forward (always most fun with friends!) as we see just how much eudaimonic joy we can experience in the process.

⚾ 🤓 🏈

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